Python 3.7 installation in windows 10

In Contrast to Linux, python doesn’t come out of the box with windows. We need to manually install it.
Very minimal steps are required to make you up and running with it.

The environment in which this post deals about is with,
Windows 10
Python 3.7.3

If you are very curious about how to install a version which is < 3.7, well this procedure itself will work good. Here we go,

1. Download Python here
2. Make sure you get the Windows x86-64 executable installer
3. While running the EXE file, make sure you select Add Python 3.7.3 to PATH.
4. The above step will ensure that you can access python console right from your windows command prompt by commanding python.

Voila!! Now you have the latest python installed in your machine.

And finally to make sure everything went good,  

  1. Open windows command prompt and command python
  2. You will get a python shell right away and try out few starters as below,
# Just a print statement
print("Welcome to python programming")

# Simple addition
print(10 + 20)